Painting space

Multiple photographs taken at a painting site.  Assembled in photoshop to create a large format picture which shows how much space an artist paints on a canvas

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Amount of Space captured on a canvas

'Painting space', or, the amount of space found in a painting.  I came up with the term when I started to take reference photographs from locations where I had been painting.

I immediately realized that a single photograph of the location could not capture the entire space I had been creating on my canvas.  I had to take many pictures to get the whole scene.  Back in the studio I would then cobble them together in photoshop to create a composite, large format image from many single photographs.

When putting together multiple shots of a particular landscape through which people had been walking, I realized that I had captured slices of time and could combine them into a single photograph.  These are very fun.  I call them "Time and Movement."

Time and movement.